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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 13, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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chaotic scene after the police shooting of unarmed teen of michael brown. one of the shooting involved police. officers shot a man who police say pointed a gun at the officer. a woman was shot in what some are saying a drive by shooting. it comes amid the backdrop of a standoff between police and protesters. police in riot gear fired tear gas into ground of crowd. the third night of protests began peacefully with a rally inside a st. louis church where reverend al sharpton joined michael browne's family urging the crowd and police to remain calm. he hosts plibs nation on msnbc. michael brown's friend who said he stood feet away is speaking
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out. when he pointsed the gun had took us back. he has his hand on my friend mike. he never left of the grip go. now he pointed the weapon at us. and the threatening manner. at no time or the altercation did my friend make a verbal threat at the officer. >> nbc ron allen is joining me now from ferguson, missouri. heated tensions between just police officers and the citizens of the community. any let up on that? >> no, alex. i think that's an enduring thing that has been going on for a long time. most of the leadership of this town is white and most of the population 70% or so are african-american. and over the past few days, michael brown incident happened we've been hearing a lot of grievances. people hearing they're
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neglected. the town leaders don't care about them. there's a huge divide. that's been exacerbated by this incident which has everybody on edge. i was talking to a woman who said she witnessed the shooting. she wouldn't go on camera. and she broke down in tears saying how afraid she is to say anything to anybody about this. she's afraid to talk to the police, she's afraid there will be retaliation. she's afraid because she thinks the police know her car. on so and so for. you hear it again and again from people in the communitcommunity. i was held at the town forum. the governor was there, the mayor, the police chief, a diverse crowd of people from the surrounding suburbs as well as the town. a lot of calls for unity but a lot of people also to say how realistic looking forward the town has a long way to go to get
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to any reconciliation. there's a lot of and us is suspicion about what the police have done. the decision not to release the name of the police officer involved in the michael brown shooting. the they see it with us is suspicion. the police said it's not safe because there's been so many threats. there's been a partial autopsy released yesterday and the cause of death multiple gunshot wounds. people are saying six, seven, eight gunshot were fired at the man. the stories we've been hearing about what happened are so night and day. so different in terms behalf happened. it's going to be a long road for the community. a lot of tension on a night by night basis. there are crowds of part-time out. there are police out trying to keep the peace. there are roads blocked off. trying to manage people con grating in the street. there were tear gas fired.
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the beanbags fired try to disperse the crowds. perhaps there will be that tonight. perhaps not on the scale as the first night but an enduring problem here for the foreseeable future. >> okay. ron allen in ferguson. thank you for the latest. i want to bring in national civil rights organization color of change. you heard ron allen describing it being a problem. adding to the fuel to the outrage the police department deciding not to release the name of the officer for fear of his personal safety. what do you know about the community of ferguson and the indemmic issues they have between the largely caucasian police department and the very mixed race community that reportedly gets along quite well together. >> you know i think ron, you know, laid it out. laid it out perfectly well. i think what is at stake here is
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exactly. >> we need -- why we have a federal government. why we have a national government in these moments. this is the time for the department of justice, the president. we heard his statements the other day to get involved in this issue. because there has been a loss of trust. there is no more trust for the department in ferguson, for the authorities in ferguson. they missed their moment and opportunity to create a path forward and do what was right. now the community has no faith and no trust in any type of investigation that is going to come out of the town. we need the federal authorities to step in. you know, alex, running a civil rights organization every day i hear from my members. and this issue, we're hearing from mothers and fathers who are talking about this issue in terms of what they have to tell their young sons and daughters about being black in america. this has not just touched off sort of a fire storm in ferguson but around the country for black folks, for allies of black people who believe and
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understand the ongoing and concrete harms that sort of bad policing has. not just on the communities but our ability to feel safe regardless of who we are. >> you bring the question whether or not it should be federal investigation. here is what was said earlier regarding a federal role. >> there's a history of poor community police relations. there is a history of racial tension in this community. and so the role of the federal authorities here is appropriate. it's based upon a long standing concerns that are made more urgent and insistent as a consequence of michael brown's death. >> are you confidence if the federal government takes on a bigger role there will be justice? >> this is the role for 0 organizations of color of change and the national action network and reverend sharpton to hold the federal government accountable to continue to push and raise the voices of every day people and make sure they're
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heard in the moment. we have more faith in the federal government to step up and get engaged. there's absolutely no faith in the local authorities in ferguson, the community has lost faith and trust. this is a moment to not just push forward for the department of justice but also for us to think long-term about these issues that continue to come up all around the country. you know, the community is tired. tired of continuing to have to stand in protest whether it's in new york or all around the country. we want to feel safe in our community and trust the police. we want to be able to have the type of relationships that lead to good partnerships and safe communities. when the issues continue to come up, and there seems to be no accountability when black lives are being put in danger, we've got to demand more. and this is moment for the federal government and organizations like color of change like my organization will remain vigilant. >> thank you for joining me. here is programming note.
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tomorrow on "newsnation" i'll be talking with the mayor of ferguson, missouri. we'll ask a bunch of questions of him. developing news. part the of the east coast are trying ing ting to dry out. check out the scene from long island, new york. more than a foot of rain fell smashing the record, by the way, and trapping drivers on the expressway here during the morning commute. we'll have a live report for you coming up on that. let's turn to the crisis in iraq. we're following several new developments this morning. more u.s. troops are in the country. the u.s. sent about 130 advisers there to address the humanitarian crisis involving tens of thousands of people trapped in the sinjar mountains. australia's prime minister is considering sending troops to the country. refugees trapped on the mountain under the threat of isis are furious and growing desperate. >> we need obama to help us. >> what do you need him to do?
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>> we need food and everything. >> with a welcome to you. what are the new troops doing? >> good morning, alex. what we understand they'll be helping with the coordination of the humanitarian effort for the yezidi and the christians who have been stranded on the mountains of sinjar since forced from their homes. many thousands have been able to make it out from the mountains to the refugee camps to irbil. the united nations estimates 20 to 30,000 are still stuck up there. they have no food or water or shelter from the scorching sun. the u.s. and other countries are doing what they can can. the state department says to date 27,000 gallons of fresh water have been dropped. 100,000 meals. the british air force have been dropping reusable bottles that can be used to charge cell
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phones. people are saying they need more. it's not just enough. the government of a nearby city saying the world need to do more. and the yezidis who have made it out saying what next? we've been persecuted in our country and now we're displaced. alex? >> duncan, from irbil. a pretty difficult situation. i would like to bring in former ambassador to iraq christopher hill. good to see you. welcome. let's talk about defense secretary chuck hagel who said the new marines are in iraq for assessing only. let's listen to what he told marines last night at camp pendleton. >> as the president made very clear, we're not going back into iraq in any of the same combat mission dimensions that we once were in in iraq. >> now the kurdish government and local fighters say they need
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drones and other advanced weapons. are you worried at all about mission creep here? >> well, i think there will be some mission creep, but i'm not worried about it. i think it's probably the right thing to do. first of all, it is very clear that air dropping water is not a long-term solution. so i think part of the mission will be to assess what can be done to get the people off the mountain and into safety. so that's issue number one. but i think, also within the plan to somehow help the peshmerga providing weapons, and, by the way, continuing air strikes in support of their operations is also very much under assessment. and, finally, i think we have to be a little sensitive to the issue that many shia arabs who have also faced the brunt of this isis horde, many of whom have been murdered by these extremist sunnis, they're asking, women, if the americans care so much about kurds and yezidis, what about us?
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so i think there is going to be some mission creep. i think it's appropriate given what we've done in that country. given the things we've done, the good things and some of the bad things. i think we have to be involved. but i believe the president and secretary hagel, when he says no u.s. combat troops. >> do you see a feasible way of getting the thousands of refu e refugees off the mountain without some sort of boots on the ground? >> well, some sort of boots is right. but i think you're looking at peshmerga boots rather than american boots. certainly, we can help the peshmerga with planning and figure out how to create safety zones, corridors, using air strikes and things like that. i think the boot s on the groun will be peshmerga. >> peter king said more need to be done. here is what he said yesterday. >> i would say we more sustained air attacking not just in kurdistan but throughout the
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isis area. >> what is president obama and america's role in fighting back this threat? >> well, i think eisis is a broader threat than just in western iraq. i think it's a broader threat to the middle east. and ultimately, when it's married up with people who are less interested in creating a caliphate, as they are in creating terrorist incidents in the west, i think it would be very much of a threat to us. i agree with the notion that we need to be more involved. nobody likes being more involved in iraq. my goodness, i think our country is tired of that. i think we need to be more involved in the way that congressman king suggests. i do draw the line at boots on the ground. i think we need to be disciplined about not going forward with that kind of mission creep. >> all right, former u.s. ambassador to iraq christopher hill, thank you for your time. hillary clinton is walking back the sharpest critique yet of president obama's foreign policy. how she plans to ease tensions
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with the president tonight and, quote, hug it out. new details on the death of robin williams. the tributes pour in. up next we have a report from hollywood and talk with former tonight show about his personal stories. look how jimmy fallon honored williams last night. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh captain, my captain. you will be missed! rn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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two days after they staired at the impossible headline that popped up everywhere. we're learning more about the way robin williams reportedly took his own life. he made no secret of his battle of depression. the coroner said williams hanged himself with a belt in his home.
8:18 am
ben affleck was a little known actor when he worked with will yamts and wrote he made matt and my dreams come true. how do owe a guy that does that everything. sara ma chel gellar he was not just inspiration but the father i had always dreamed of having. let's go to hollywood now and halle jackson. what is the latest where you are on hollywood boulevard? >> alex, yet again today we're seeing people leaving -- flower. there are some questions yet to be answered by police. the result of a toxicology report. that will tell whether williams had any substances in the body. we have learned more about how his personal assistant became concerned when robin williams
8:19 am
did not answer knocks on the bedroom door. william was found. it came out in the coroner's report yesterday, or at least a conference. there was some backlash on social media about the level of details that was released about how exactly williams apparently committed suicide. remember those, others have pointed out the level of details is often included coroner's report. the sheriff's department made a particular effort to try to keep privacy for the family. so, for example, the autopsy was performed in napa county. napa has a government facility. as we heard yesterday, the sheriff's department really wants to make sure there no leaks in such a high profile case like this. >> it is extraordinary the way people are so touched by his passing. i'm sure you're seeing it there from the people walking by with whom you've spoken. >> incredible. people are emotional, too. the amazing thing is it's not just here in hollywood.
8:20 am
it's all over the country and all around the world, too. robin williams touched so many lives. that's what you're seeing now. we've heard not just from fans around williams that they're leaving memorials at the mork and mindy house. mrs. doubtfire's house. you're seeing flowers and candles there. a real outpouring of love. we've heard from williams eas s. we heard from williams' daughter too. thank you so much. i appreciate the live report from hollywood. way back when williams star was first rising as an actor, he was asked to make his first tonight show appearance. like everything else he did, it was memorable. >> where is home for you.
8:21 am
or did you come from a home? you haven't taken your medication yet. it's going to be fun. >> mr. williams, i'm fine. look at this. look, flipper! >> well, joining me now is former tonight show producer david berg who booked williams and came to know him on and off screen. he's the author behind the curtain an insider's view. i'm sure you were smiling watching him. you say he was always on but you worried about what might happen when there was no audience there to laugh. >> i did. but that was the thing about robin. at least when he was at the tonight show and he made 27 appearances there during jay leno's tenure. he was putting on a performance. always. backstage, even during the commercial breaks. he would go over and he would riff with the band.
8:22 am
he would sing high energy blues songs. then he would come back and sit down next to jay after doing this and often he would come back from commercial break breathing heavily. he just always, always was performing. sometimes i really had to wonder, you know, what happens when there's no audience around. >> yeah. funniest bit you saw him do. something to do with a power outage. something did in the dark. >> that's exactly right. one day he and billy crystal were booked on the show, as we were about to start taping, there was a power outage in the studio. and the backup generator also went out. the studio went black. robin started riffing. the band starting playing the theme from star trek and robin starts going, okay, it's the mothership, jay! and he goes on and on and on. it was one of the finest performances ever seen that i ever saw on the tonight show. unfortunately, the viewers at
8:23 am
home never got to see it because it wasn't recorded. >> yeah. what about the time apparently he fell down after a tonight's show visit and hurt himself but nobody thought that he was really in pain. >> again, robin was always performing. and this incident happened after we had wrapped taping the show that day. and right after the show, what would happen jay and the guests would get together and shoot a promo for the nbc affiliates. well, robin happened to trip over a piece of equipment and he hit went down and hit the studio floor on the shoulder. he hit it really hard. well, the audience thought, this is just another robin williams and they start laughing. and robin, i think, figures okay, i better entertain them. he starts exaggerating as if he's in pain. he's going, oh, oh, oh, oh! actually was in excruciating pane. we had him taken to the hospital and he had a dislocated
8:24 am
shoulder. >> that's so painful! something interesting. it's what you hear repeated over and over again. nathan lanes talked about his huge heart. robin williams, despite the divas, he was not among them. >> absolutely not. no. he was a very down to earth guy. whoever was around him, that was his audience. he would perform for them. include my kid one time. i brought them to the show. they are big fans of the film "hook." he played petter pan. my son was 4 and my daughter was 7. when he came out the dressing room and he saw them, he knelt down on his knees so he could be at eye level with, you know, this young audience, he puts on an entire performance for them! my son, you know, looked up and said, how were you able to fly in the movie? he said, well, it was a little magic and a very tight pants. [ laughter ] >> i tell you, as a parent
8:25 am
myself, i think i miss robin williams even more after hearing that story. thank you for sharing it. hollywood is mourning the loss of another legend this morning. lauren bacall died after suffering a stroke last night at her home in new york. her sultry voice helped her skyrocket to success in the '40s. she played opposite of future husband humphrey bogart. she won an honorary oscar. the latest cease-fire set to expire in hours. we're going get a live report in tel-av tel-aviv. back at home why wyoming's governor scott walker could face the most critical re-election bid yet. it's one of the things we thought you should know. here is a look what is happening today wednesday, august 13th. texas governor rick perry meeting with national guard troops heading to the border. today mourners will attend the
8:26 am
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8:30 am
will be -- will continue in order to allow the negotiators more time to negotiate. but it isn't clear at all. there seems to be some progress on the main issue of relieving the siege of gaza, allowing goods in from egypt as humanitarian, food, medicine, water. but at the same time as there is some kind of optimism, the israelis have been saying privately that the army is getting ready to renew the fighting. so it's not clear what is going on. as you say, the cease-fire set to run out in less than six hours from now. i believe it's a ninth cease-fire. they been called humanitarian cease-fire to allow civilians to get their necessary supplies. but actually, you can think of them as negotiation cease-fire. given the negotiators time to come up with some agreement of some kind that would stop the fighting. right now the emphasis is on continuing the cease-fire.
8:31 am
there has been some progress, apparently, on some of the key issues, but the main issues of the two sides are still far apart. >> not surprisingly. thank you very much. developing right now traffic is moving in parts of long island new york after rain caused flash floods and trapped drivers during the morning commute. we'll bring a live report of the mess next. the ohio teen convicted and served time for raping a fellow student is back on the football team. how hillary clinton hopes to clear the air with president obama tonight after her sharp criticism of the president's foreign policy. plus, mystery solved. new details about who may have raised the white flags on the brooklyn bridge. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years.
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in an interview with the atlantic clinton criticikricrit president obama's one of the private policy doctrine. she said great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. the backlash was immediate with immediate with david axelrod. just to clarify it means occupying iraq in the first place which was a tragically bad decision. joining me now is nbc news political reporter kari dan. welcome to you. i know, a big smile as we go about the stupid stuff thing. but mrs. clinton called the president to say i'm not trying to attack you. as the first read points out, it's not the first time they have a public split. but as every one of the moments going to be as tortured as this one? >> well, i mean, it's been a really tough 48 hours for democrats, alex. once the report was publish epu
8:36 am
you saw the tweet. you saw progressives saying remember back in 2008 hillary clinton voted for the iraq war. that was the reason barack obama won. don't think we won't forget about that. you saw strong statements from organizations. republicans were able both to tie the president and hillary clinton together and also highlight the split in the party. it's just not going to be a very healthy thing for the party going forward if every time clinton and obama have a difference on policy. they have a family feud. especially before a contested midterm election and heading to 20163. >> people get obsessed about the personal relationship between the two. do you know what the relationship is like between them? >> well, i think that during her tenure as secretary of state from all the reporting obama and clinton had a warm relationship. they were viewing each other as peers. remember back to the contested primary contest in 2007 and 2008
8:37 am
how nasty that race was. you're seeing some of those same moves being reopened. i think it's less of a personal dispute between the two. as much as a policy difference. it's a policy difference we've seen laid out before. clinton long said she degreed with the president on certain aspects of foreign policy on the middle east. that's not a surprise but she used harsh language. >> do you think the highlight of policy is to distance herself from president obama. to set herself up for a run? >> it certainly going to look like that no matter her intentions. last week, we were writing about how the president's foreign policy rating was at the all-time low. that's when this shot from clinton went out. no matter whether it was a planned opportunist move or not. it looks a little bit that way. i think it's important to point out it was not a radical departure from what clinton said in the past. she said previously she disagreed with the president on
8:38 am
some issues. she's been more hawkish than president obama. it was a stark way to say it. >> she plans on, quote, hugging it out with president obama tonight at the party on the vineyard for the wife of a democratic adviser vernon jordan. what are we going see an instagram picture? how do you think that's going to get out there? >> i'm sure that based how much it seems to be hurting the democratic party, i'm sure this statement that came out last night from a clinton spokesman was no accident. i'm sure they're going it try their best to say we're peeris s but we're on the same page now. i think we'll see some notification they hugged it out. >> okay. thank you so much. we'll look for that. let's go to developing weather news. the last 48 hours flash flooding caught drivers and homeowners completely off guard. along one stretch of highway in new york, some drivers had to be pulled from their cars or watch from the sidelines as their vehicles disappeared under flood
8:39 am
water. this after a foot of rain fell in a region that usually doesn't so that much in an entire summer. surveillance video was released that caught flood water bursting through the window of nebraska hospital. that's a cafeteria. let's go to the weather channel reagan medgie in water ford, connecticut with a look at the scene there. not so bad. i'm sure you had to traps through a mess to get there. >> you have no idea! i'll tell you right now. basically going to paint the picture for you. when we started around 4:00 this morning in manhattan. we decided we're going to chase mother nature and try to get ahead of it. and ahead of it we did and during it. we went all the way up to i-95. we're in water ford. we went as for a east as new london. we see cars moving smoothly and steadily. which is a good thing. you see ponding on the roadway. little puddles. not a big deal. it was not the scene earlier
8:40 am
today. earlier today as you can imagine it was a deluge of rain. luckily the temperature has been increasing. we have some areas of the sidewalk that are wet but then you have this area that is warming up. it seems as though if there was any localized flooding, which was there was locally in new london. that should be drying up. that's a good thing. unfortunately our friends down state in long island not such a good deal. i think we have a couple of video portions of that. cars on long island expressway submerged. it was not a good deal. up here we didn't get that. even the state police said it was basically smooth sailing. no road closure. we took it easy and slow. that's the way you have to go. >> yeah. they've been trying to get to the hamptons today, not so much out that way. good to see you. glad you're dry there. up next the investigation
8:41 am
into how an american woman wound up dead inside a suitcase and who is suspected of the murder. in the wake of a death of a new york man killed from a police choke hold. a renewed push to put body cameras on police officers. i'm going talk live with a top new york city official who is calling for are the camera's for the country's biggest police force. s? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. new fiber one streusel. the gruesome discovery of ab american woman's body stuffed in a suitcase. the 62-year-old's remains were discovered in a taxi outside a luxury hotel. going to indonesia media. police arrested the woman's 19-year-old daughter and her boyfriend in connection with the case. local police say the two stayed in the same hotel and believed to have placed the suitcase in the taxi. the. los angeles clippers are owned by steve balmer. the nba announced a completion
8:45 am
of the $2 billion sale yesterday and comes after the corporate battle between donald sterling and his estranged wife shelly who agreed to make the sale. and the mystery of those white flags hoisted above the brooklyn bridge appears to have been solved. the two german artists are responsible as a nod to the german engineer who designed the bridge. a top new york city official is calling for the nypd to put cameras on officers. cell phone video of the incident sparked nationwide outrage. a proposed pilot program would equip 15% of new york city police officer officers with body cameras. the program is projected to cost about $5 million. equipping the department coast
8:46 am
close to $32 million. nypd commissioner endorsed the idea. >> that's the direction where american policing is going. that's the direction we're going in the nypd. we're working closely with the lapd who is about a year ahead of us. it reduces sop of the elements he said she join. >> joining me now is letita james who calling on the nypd to use the cameras. let's quickly tell people it's something that wouldn't be cumbersome or interfere with the police officers to do the job. what about a card size? >> yeah. about the size of a playing card. in some cases, google is implementing google glass. so clearly it would not be that cumbersome. how would the program work? the 159% come from where? we would basically look at the precincts where a number of high
8:47 am
crime rate and significant numbers of police misconduct. at the cost of $5 million this is at the time when we're paying out annually $152 million in judgments to individuals who were charges police officers with police misconduct. there's a cost savings to taxpayers. >> it would not be a live stream to the police headquarters. it would be on tape. it could run about nine hours or so and reviewed. >> nine hours we would review it. it would be a taped video and have to put forth regulations with regards to ensuring that tapes are not erased and previous of police officers as well as the public is protected. >> eric garner, michael brown. another person shot in the wake of a disruption there in ferguson, missouri. do you think it is come to this that police now across this country should have this sort of, you know, technology adapted to them and there's no questions
8:48 am
running down the road? >> it's been implemented in oakland and new orleans and san diego. there's a pilot program in los angeles, detroit, miami, and in san francisco. the police commissioner this morning has supported the idea of moving in the direction. it provides an objective record of police encounters and i think it will go a long way in promoting community police relations and transparency and in fairness in policing the city of new york. and last but not least, exonerate police officers who are unfairly targeted. >> the policeman association have questions. i want to quote this the president said it's common knowledge that new york city is already saturated with video cameras. additional cameras becomes -- how do you combat that and make your point to the enforcement community by saying, no. it's going to help the good guys do what they need to. >> exactly. a number of retired police
8:49 am
officers have embraced the pilot program and we have a meeting with the pba and mr. lynch. we'll address a lot of their concerns. clearly the technology has changed. i think a lot of his concerns will be addressed. as you indicated, it will go a long way in exonerating officers in doing their job to keep us safe. up next the ohio teen who served time for raping a fellow student is back on the football team's roster. the pentagon makes a major reversal over tear styles like these. it's one of the things we thought you should know.
8:50 am
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the tasty side of fiber.
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. there's a lot going on this morning and here are some of the things we thought you should know. the pentagon is relaxing some of its rules on hairstyles for women. defense secretary chuck hagel says after a review, the army and air force will allow female troops to wear some dreadlocks
8:53 am
and cornrows and braids. tomorrow on "news nation," we'll check back in with jasmine jacobs who started the change to these regulations. tom foley is a republican candidate for governor. he's going to go up against dan loy. in wisconsin, it kicked off in earnest. mare reburke easily won the primary to take on scott walker. instead of celebrating, burke immediately began celebrating. . goz goz was five years old when he was at the center of that custody dispute back in cuba and his miami relatives. he was sent back to cuba after a u.s. federal court decision. he's now 20 years old.
8:54 am
and now those are just some of the things that we thought you should know. an ohio teenager convicted in the steubenville high school rape case is now being allowed to rejoin the football team. malik was found guilty of raping a girl. he's back in school after serving nine months of his year of juvenile detention. he must register as a sex offender every six months for the next 20 years. the football coach called it a horrible crime but that richmond has done his crime. however, many are outraged that richmond is playing football again. the blogger who first brought attention to the case said, "allowing a registered sex offender on the team pretty much solidifies the assumption that steubenville city schools are concerned about wins rather than the safety of young girls."
8:55 am
but another writes, "justice was served. eventually we need to let the offenders go on with their lives and, yes, even play football." what does your gut tell you? go to to vote. and that's it for "news nation." tomorrow, we'll talk about the shooting of michael brown. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. ♪ ♪ ♪ trouble makers. ♪ dreamer of dreamers.
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8:59 am
>> a third night of clashes between police and residents of ferguson, missouri. how is the community dealing with the protests caused by the death of a teenager by the police? and tonight hillary clinton and president obama will be partying together for the first time since she criticized the foreign policy in the atlantic interview. will they really be hugging it out? >> personal motto of hillary is 2016 can't get here fast enough. obama's is, ditto. maybe they are not that much different after all. they are kind of the same. >> and a golden girl from a golden age. remembering lauren bacall and the story book romance, it's the stuff of hollywood legend.
9:00 am
>> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. a lot of questions about iraq. let's go to the white house broefing where questions are being asked and answered. >> a safe space where they can receive more permanent assistance. what the president has done is authorize the deployment of roughly 130 u.s. military personnel who will assess the situation on sinjar mountain and northern iraq. they will make recommendations on how to get people off the mountain and into a safe place. you heard prime minister cameron indicate today they are cooperating with us in those efforts as well. again, these 130


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